High School Girls

2019/20 Program Information

FC Alliance will hold tryouts in May each year for our High School Girls teams. Players are expected to show a high level of commitment and are placed in highly competitive training and game environments.

FC Alliance League Play Facts

-Girls will Compete in the IWSL or the IYSA State Premiership for the Fall season.
- At the discretion of the DOC, High School Girl's teams may play in the Midwest Conference (MRL) competition. There is an additional fee to play in the MRL.
- At the discretion of the Director of Coaching, teams may play in Presidents Cup, State Cup and/or IYSA State Premiership competition.
-These teams will compete against other clubs in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.  
-Winter League play will be at at the MAC or a local indoor facility. Teams will be placed in the best competitive division for their team development.

FC Alliance Tournament Facts

All High School Girls Teams will be provided two tournaments over the 2019/20 season. These tournaments will be determined after teams are formed. This allows the Director of Coaching to select tournaments that are best suited for the team's development and success.

FC Alliance Training Facts

-(2) 90 minute team training sessions. 
-(1) 60 minute skills/tactical training session.  
-(1) 60 minute goal keeping training session.

-(2) 90 minute team training sessions. 
-(1) 30 minute speed & agility session.
-(1) 60 minute goal keeping training session.


  • High School Girls
    Fall/Winter Season

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