Where do we practice?
The MAC (Indoor and Outdoor) 
*Always bring both indoor and outdoor shoes*

Do players need to attend all Tryout Dates scheduled in their division?
No, we require attendance on 1 day only, but they are welcome to all that are scheduled.

Where is our home fields?
The MAC: 1310 Ridgefield Road, Crystal Lake 

How early do we need to arrive prior to a game?
U9 - U14: 30 min. prior to the game/ready to start warm-up
u15 and older: 45 min. prior to the game/ready to start warm-up

What do the players wear to practice?
Practice uniform that will be purchased through Uniform order. 

What do the players bring to practice?
-Pumped up ball
-Indoor and Outdoor cleats (if weather is bad, training will be moved indoors)
-Shin guards
-Appropriate weather gear

Who do I contact with questions?
815-455-6634 Main Office